TTT thesis

Thuy Thanh TRUONG thesis defense

Thursday, January 30, 9h30 UHA amphitheater, Thuy Thanh TRUONG thesis defense

Genetic and functional analysis of grape aroma biosynthesis


Despite the importance of grape aroma compounds in the quality and typicity of wines, the determinants of their biosynthesis are still poorly known. The goal of my thesis is to identify genomic regions and key genes for the biosynthesis of grape berry aromas. For this, I combined different approaches including genetics, targeted and non-targeted metabolomics and functional genomics. Different analytical tools (GC-MS, UHPLC-MS and FT-ICR) allowed me to quantify several thousand molecules that can participate directly or indirectly in the aroma of berries and wines. Quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with the accumulation of a large number of these metabolites in grapes were detected in a progeny from a cross between Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Candidate genes linked to QTLs have been identified and I have initiated the functional characterization of some of them. Ultimately, a better knowledge of the genetic markers related to grape aroma characteristics will increase the efficiency of the breeding programs for new grapevine varieties.

Thesis director: Philippe Hugueney

Modification date : 07 June 2023 | Publication date : 22 January 2020 | Redactor : Inra Grand Est-Colmar TTT