Participatory research on vine health

Participatory research on vine health

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Molecular studies in the laboratory show that PNPPs (Natural Preparations of Low Concern) interact with plant defenses, but results in the vineyard are disappointing. However, some winegrowers have developed sustainable systems combining PNPPs and few fungicides. But this knowledge is scattered and not widely shared. The VITIREPERE-PNPP participatory research-action project, financed under the Ecophyto II+ plan, mobilizes the social, human and biological sciences to develop and clarify this knowledge and reasoning among winegrowers on a national scale. We are also producing knowledge on the period of reconception of practices using PNPPs, to specify when the regulation of vine defenses and reasoning have stabilized.


The VITIREPERE-PNPP project is based on a participatory research-action approach. In other words, it is designed and structured so that the diversity of players concerned by the issues it investigates can be involved in the research process. The aim is to bring together winegrowers, viticultural advisors, wine industry teachers and elected representatives with researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines. Together, these audiences shape objects of study, research hypotheses, set up methods, gather and produce data, and formulate scientific knowledge. With its focus on both the human and social sciences and the biological sciences, the project covers a broad spectrum of interests, and requires the active involvement of both researchers and those working in the field.


  • Jean E. MASSON
  • Mireille PERRIN
  • Ombeline BRUNOIS
  • Maxime MADOUAS



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