Analysis platform for grapevine secondary metabolism

Analysis platform for grapevine secondary metabolism

Person in charge: Philippe Hugueney

Plateau MSV

An analysis platform to:

  • identify and characterize the determinants of grape and wine quality
  • search, identify and characterize defense metabolites in grapevine 
  • perform targeted or global metabolomic analyzes in the frame of collaborations with national and international scientific partners

The equipment:

  • two gas chromatography equipment coupled to mass spectrometers and equipped with automated injector / sampler, dedicated to the analysis of volatile metabolit
  • a UHPLC liquid chromatography system coupled to an Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometer for the analysis of non-volatile compounds

The facilities of this platform were acquired thanks to funding from Inra, the University of Strasbourg, the Institute of Molecular Biology of Plants, the ANR, the Alsace Region, the Comité National des Interprofessions des Vins à Appellation d'Origine (CNIV) and the European Union.

Modification date : 15 November 2023 | Publication date : 25 March 2010 | Redactor : INRAE Grand Est-Colmar Philippe Hugueney