About us

About us

The research unit UMR1131 ‘Grapevine Health and Wine Quality’, created in 2005, associates researchers and technicians from the Inra (National Institute for Agronomical Research) and from the University of Strasbourg.
The main purpose of the studies conducted in UMR1131 is to gain an understanding of the relationships between grapevine and its fungal and viral pathogens, including virus vectors, in order to develop innovative solutions for a qualitative and more environmental-friendly viticulture, considering present and future environmental constraints.

The research unit UMR1131 is organized in three teams working on sustainable resistance to fungal diseases of grapevine (downy and powdery mildews), structure and transmission of viruses responsible for fanleaf and leafroll diseases and secondary metabolism of grapevine involved in defense responses and wine quality.

The various programs conducted in our laboratories deliver tools, methods, knowledge and genetic resources as well as resistant varieties for novel and sustainable crop management systems in viticulture.
The UMR1131 staff includes 32 researchers and engineers and 20 technicians.

PhD students enrolled in the Doctoral School of Health and Life Sciences (University of Strasbourg) are preparing a doctoral thesis in the research unit.

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